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                  Special Initiatives

                  The Recovering America's Wildlife Act

                  This landmark legislation would provide dedicated predictable funding for conservation and management of thousands of species.

                  Coastal Wildlife Conservation Initiative

                  Snowy Plover On Nest with Eggs

                  CWCI: Conserving native wildlife in coastal ecosystems throughout Florida in balance with human activities.

                  Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative

                  Fox Squirrell

                  Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative: Use the State Wildlife Action Plan and State Wildlife Grant funds to leverage resources with partners to sustain Florida's legacy of native wildlife and their habitats.

                  Impacts of Climate Change on Fish and Wildlife


                  Florida's Wildlife: On the front line of?climate change.

                  Florida Shorebird Alliance

                  Seagull with Chick

                  Florida Shorebird Alliance: A statewide network of local partnerships that advance shorebird and seabird conservation in Florida. Alliance partners use the?Florida Shorebird Database as a central repository for data collected on shorebirds and seabirds in Florida.

                  Landowner Assistance

                  Young Long Leaf Pine Stand

                  The land-use planning efforts and habitat management decisions made by?private landowners?today will determine the future for fish and wildlife tomorrow.